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In May, National PTA’s Every Child in Focus campaign centers on Military Appreciation Month. Using the PTA National Standard for Family-School Partnerships, we will explore ways PTAs can welcome and support military families in the school community.

How Your PTA Can Better Support Military Families

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  • Share the Parents' Guides to Student Success. These standards provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career.

View our infographic for a visual snapshot of Military Appreciation Month.

What's a "Military Brat?"

The children of a parent or parents serving full-time in the United States Armed Forces are sometimes referred to as "military brats." Research has shown that most current and former military brats like the term; however, outside of the military world, the term can sometimes be misunderstood, where the word "brat" is often pejorative.

The military brat lifestyle typically involves moving to new states or countries many times while growing up, as the child’s military family is customarily transferred to new non-combat assignments. Military brats move an average of 10 times while growing up, and some have moved as many as 36 times. These frequent moves, exposure to different cultures and languages and immersion in military customs are all common, life-defining experiences in the military brat subculture.

The Five Branches of U.S. Military Service

About Every Child in Focus

National PTA’s Every Child in Focus is a campaign centered on strengthening family engagement in schools by celebrating important cultural distinctions and achievements, while highlighting solutions to potential educational issues.

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Each month, National PTA will spotlight the educational issues surrounding a particular group, highlight their accomplishments and focus on ways to foster Family-School Partnerships. Follow our Every Child in Focus Calendar for materials to help families and PTAs learn more about each group.

Through its Every Child in Focus initiative, National PTA is hosting a series of virtual events for PTA leaders, educators, and family and community engagement professionals to educate about effective family engagement and community outreach strategies.


Each event will feature guest speakers with real-world insights to help parent leaders, educators, and community organizations understand perspectives of families, overcome barriers to family engagement, and deepen relationships in ways that will yield new parent leaders and advocates for children.