Resources for Engaging African American Families

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Ways to Engage African American Families

Community Forum

School guidance counselors share the challenges that African American children face and work together with parents/members of the community to come up with solutions to those challenges.


African American Men’s Panel

Unfortunately, one challenge that many African American children face is the absence of positive male influences in their lives. Hold a panel of influential African American men in the community (business owners, lawyers, doctors, pastors, etc.) to discuss ways to make better connections with the youth in the local schools and community.


African American History Night

Bring in a history teacher or black history professor to educate parents about non-traditional African American history (individuals other than the usual MLK, Rosa Parks, etc.). Making it more local by sharing community history would be a good way to centralize it.


HBCU College Fair (High School)

Hold a college fair that has local HBCU alumni or current students talk to the youth about the school, scholarship, etc. to give them school options and assist with college preparation. Consider using the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) for resources, assistance and information.


Writing/Self-expression Prompt

Encourage writing or some other form of self-expression that young people can participate in based on a specific theme or title.


About Every Child in Focus

National PTA’s Every Child in Focus is a campaign centered on strengthening family engagement in schools by celebrating important cultural distinctions and achievements, while highlighting solutions to potential educational issues. 

Each month, National PTA will spotlight the educational issues surrounding a particular group, highlight their accomplishments and focus on ways to foster Family-School Partnerships. Follow our Every Child in Focus Calendar for materials to help families and PTAs learn more about each group.