Private School Vouchers and School Choice

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Where Does National PTA Stand on Private School Vouchers?

National PTA advocates for the improvement of public education for all children and to guarantee public funds are not diverted to any private school choice proposal and/or voucher system.

National PTA also opposes tax credits and deductions for elementary and secondary school tuition and other education-related expenses for public and nonpublic school students.

Our association believes that private school choice systems have detrimental effects on our public school systems. Public dollars must remain invested in public schools for the benefit of all students and the future of our nation. Read the full position statement by National PTA on private school vouchers below.

Position Statement: Opposing Vouchers, Tuition Tax Credits and Deductions as Systems of Education Aids

Where Does National PTA Stand on Public School Choice and Public Charter Schools?

National PTA believes that no one educational program is best for all children. Public school personnel and parents must address the different ways that children learn and how public school systems can provide the best education for all children.

Furthermore, National PTA acknowledges public charter schools as one of many avenues to improving student achievement. National PTA supports public charter schools provided the authorizing bodies and schools reflect the positions and principles of National PTA in charters granted and implemented.

Read the full position statements by National PTA on public school choice and public charter schools below.

Position Statement: Public School Choice

Position Statement: Public Charter Schools

What Can You Do as a PTA Advocate to Ensure Public Funds Go to Public Schools?

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Press Statements and Letters to Policymakers on Private School Choice and Voucher Proposals

Resources on Private School Vouchers

National PTA is a founding member of the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE). Founded in 1978, the NCPE supports public schools and opposes the funneling of public money to private and religious schools through vouchers, tuition tax credits, education savings accounts and portability. NCPE now consists of over 50 education, civic, civil rights and religious organizations devoted to the support of public schools. Find the latest resources developed by the NCPE below: