Position Statement - Inclusive Curricula in K-12 Education

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National PTA supports the implementation of diverse and inclusive curricula in K-12 public schools nationwide. As the largest child advocacy association in the nation, PTA is committed to the creation of innovative curricula and the necessary accompanying professional development that support culturally and linguistically-responsive teaching and learning so that the history and experience of all students—including but not limited to African American, Latino(a), Native American, Asian, LGBTQ+, and historically targeted and marginalized groups—is accurately represented and taught.

Professional development should incorporate programs and resources that include, but are not limited to, new opportunities for personalized professional learning, micro-credentialing, and strategies to build skills and plans for delivery and implementation.

Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and inclusive curricula should:

  • Emphasize academic success for all students, 
  • Enhance cultural competence by fostering understanding of students’ cultures, 
  • Promote family engagement by making connections between home language and school language, and 
  • Develop critical consciousness by recognizing racism, classism, and other issues in the world and developing a student’s awareness to openly address these situations. 

Race and diversity are important factors in teaching, learning, and family engagement. While our schools have become more racially, ethnically and economically diverse over the past decade, culturally and linguistically responsive curricula has lagged. The necessity remains for inclusive curricula in all schools.

National PTA believes that culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning, and inclusive curricula are imperative in building socially competent and aware children and youth, enhancing their intellectual capability and psychosocial well-being. It has been shown to yield positive educational results, including:

  • Achievement of higher test scores,
  • Decreased truancy rates,
  • Exhibited higher self-esteem, and most importantly, and
  • Increased graduation rates, creating greater post-secondary opportunities for all students.

National PTA supports and advocates for inclusive K-12 curricula and multicultural resources and materials to empower students and families of all backgrounds to understand themselves more effectively in relation to others. Classrooms that celebrate diverse histories and cultures break down existing barriers and create supportive and inclusive schools that encourage students to grow and learn in the safest and most empowering spaces possible.

Adopted: September 24, 2020
Amended: September 30, 2022