Position Statement - Shared Responsibility in Educational Decision Making

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The National PTA supports the concept of shared responsibility in the development of school policies and in curriculum decisions. PTA urges all school boards to cooperate with parents, teachers, students, principals, administrators, business, civic and community leaders, and the general public in this process.

We recognize that boards of education have the legal responsibility for school policy. At the same time, we believe that, because parents, teachers, students, and the general public are affected by school policy, it is appropriate that they participate in its determination. We believe that such sharing of responsibility will result in greater responsiveness to student and societal needs and therefore improve the quality of educational opportunity.

Where law, procedures, or other barriers have discouraged broader participation in school policy decisions, necessary measures should be taken to facilitate shared responsibility. Schools need to establish a family friendly environment so that parents can be involved in shared decision making both formally as well as informally. All decision makers should be informed and trained regarding process, responsibilities and issues We are confident that teachers, principals, school administrators, parents, students, and the general public can make full and continuing use of the many opportunities for responsible participation.