Position Statement - The Principal, The School's Educational Leader

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The principal is the leader of the school.  Leadership provides purpose and direction for the school and school community.  This leadership includes shaping school culture and values, developing a shared vision, and structuring change efforts.  The principal guides the leadership team in setting priorities for all stakeholders within the school community, the district framework, and the larger community.  The principal coordinates all of these efforts toward developing successful students who can be productive in the 21st century.

The principal is responsible for:

  • carrying out school district, state, and federal laws and policies;
  • appropriately using budgetary allotments to the school;
  • supervising school staff and students to ensure the opportunity for quality education for all students;
  • providing instructional leadership for the school and nurturing a community of learners;
  • developing and implementing - with teachers, parents, community members and students - school goals and objectives;
  •  working with parents, businesses and other community members to gain support for the school;
  • overseeing the management of the school's physical plant;
  • building an organizational structure which establishes and encourages shared decision making and continuous progress;
  • articulating the vision of the school.

The National PTA recommends that every school have the professional services of a principal and that principals be required to participate in continuing education opportunities in order to remain current in educational and administrative developments.

The National PTA encourages cooperation of PTAs with professional organizations of principals to promote quality education for all children and youth.