Position Statement - School Facilities

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The National PTA believes the school environment significantly impacts students' academic achievement; therefore, the National PTA supports the Opportunity-to-Learn standards contained in the Goals 2000 Educate America Act. The states will recommend Opportunity-to-Learn standards, ensuring that all children receive the chance for a quality education in facilities that are safe, well-equipped, and sufficiently maintained.

In addition to advocating the improvement of school facilities through Opportunity-to-Learn standards, the National PTA:

  • recognizes that the facility itself can stimulate learning and help to incorporate innovative curriculum and methods into the classroom.  The National PTA urges schools to create adaptable classrooms which foster the use of current technology and accommodate various teaching and learning styles;
  • affirms that adequate school facilities are not only crucial to the success of our nation's public schools, but they are also a reflection of and resource for the communities in which they are located.  Since school facilities are a capital asset constituting a large investment of public funds, the National PTA desires that all school facilities encourage community utilization and involvement;
  • stresses the importance of open communication within school districts.  The National PTA encourages administrators, educators, parents, students, and community leaders to work together with their architects to design new or renovated facilities that are tailored to their specific needs.