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The National PTA recognizes good nutrition as a key component in creating healthy and productive individuals. Ongoing study in the field of nutrition provides the public with constantly changing information on what constitutes a healthy diet, which can be confusing. In order to ensure that children and families have current and accurate information concerning nutrition and health the National PTA supports:

  • the inclusion of age-appropriate nutrition education within the framework of Comprehensive School Health curriculum at all grade levels;
  • efforts by state/local PTAs urging Boards of Education* to review curricula and provide appropriate pre-service and in-service teacher training as needed to ensure nutrition education reflects the most accurate and current information in the field;
  • food service programs that promote the well-being of students by serving good nutritious meals year round; contribute to nutrition education; and reflect the diversity of the community. Local PTAs should be involved in monitoring and evaluating school meal programs to ensure high quality nutrition for children and youth in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and the United States Department of Agriculture;
  • efforts to provide information to parents on the potential benefits and hazards of using mineral supplements without appropriate medical supervision;
  • programs to educate parents on the need for health screening and monitoring as a means to provide families with health information to use in making informed nutrition, diet, and health decisions; and
  • programs that provide parents and families with information and skills they need to make healthy choices in the area of diet, nutrition, and exercise to develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

The National PTA and its constituents will continue to work at the local, state, and national levels to enhance the nutritional health of our nation's children and families.

The National PTA supports federal legislation to assist states in providing necessary support for families in the areas such as health, nutrition and welfare services.

* The Department of Defense serves as the Board of Education for ECAPTS and PCAPTS.

This position statement was written to update resolutions and position statements concerning “Nutrition for Children and Families.” The original resolutions and position statements will be archived in the Historical Records as reference on this issue.