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A founding purpose of National PTA is to promote safety for children and youth by working to set a standard for the care and protection of children and youth. PTA realizes that technological advances have an impact on the welfare of children and their families.  PTA urges its members at all levels to monitor, support and advocate for laws, regulations and programs that:  

• Offer the right of free speech by individuals and recognize the need to uphold freedom of the press including the First Amendment rights of children and youth.    
• Urge parents to be involved with, and monitor the television programs, social media, movies, interactive video games, concerts, music, and print materials their children select.  
• Oppose using children and/or their personal information to gather data to be used as a marketing tool.   
• Support efforts by parents, broadcast media, content providers, social media application designers, and the FCC to support, monitor, and improve the quality of children’s programming and productions. 
• Urge rating systems for social media applications, recorded music, television programming, movies and interactive video games to alert parents and guardians as to objectionable content contained in such.   
• Actively seek the vigorous enforcement of current obscenity laws, laws precluding the use of children in pornography and prohibiting the distribution of pornographic materials to children.  
• Firmly oppose the exploitation and/or use of children in suggestive and seductive commercials.   
• Increase awareness of the impact of social media, television, video games, music and movie violence on the children of this nation and encourage development of programs to assist families and children in using critical viewing skills.   
• Support efforts to encourage broadcasters of network and cable stations to refrain from showing adult films and programming during hours when children are at home and during the early evening.    
*National PTA recognizes that other adults may carry the primary responsibility for a child’s education, development and well-being. Therefore, all references to family engagement "parent” involvement include any primary care giver or adults who play an important role in a child’s family life.  

Adopted: by the 2003 Board of Directors
Amended: by the 2021 Board of Directors