Position Statement - Firearms

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Given the history and tradition of strong support for the safety and protection of children and youth, the National PTA supports federal restrictions on firearms that would:

  •  require, prior to purchasing a firearm, a waiting period and background check to screen out illegal firearm purchasers such as convicted felons and drug-related offenders;
  •  outlaw military-style semi-automatic assault weapons; and
  •  require knowledge of appropriate firearms use and safety practices.

Military-style semi-automatic assault weapons would include those firearms which:

  • were originally designed for military or law enforcement purposes; and for fully automatic purposes;
  • are designed to be fired in full or semi-automatic mode in combat;
  • are designed to accommodate a large capacity combat magazine.

These weapons include: INTRATEC TEC - 9, Street Sweeper and Striker 12, Colt AR-15 and CAR-15, MAC 10 and MAC 11 in addit ion to five firearms that are in the government's ban, including Norinco, Mitchell, and Poly Technologies Automat Kalashnikov S (all models), Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil, Fabrique Nationale FN/FAL; FN/LAR, and FNC, Steyr AU