Position Statement - Citizenship and Equality

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Continued respect for, and expansion of civil rights requires they be defended whenever threatened and that children and youth be taught the significance of civil rights and responsibilities in American culture.

National PTA supports:

  • Educational programs designed to increase understanding of the U.S. Constitution and civil rights, civil liberties, and appreciation for those individuals who fought for them;
  • Appropriate action to give the residents of the District of Columbia self-government and full representation in the Congress of the United States;
  • Prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, age, physical and academic ability, and sexual orientation;
  • Equal opportunity for housing, education, health care, employment, and rights under the justice system;
  • The right to a free quality public education, adequate food and shelter, and basic health care services for all children.

This position statement was written to update and combine resolutions and position statements concerning “Citizenship and Equality.” The original resolutions and position statements will be archived in the Historical Records as reference on this issue.

Character Education; Children in Poverty; Discrimination/Harassment of Students and Staff; Education of Children with Special Needs; Homeless Families with Children; Human Relations; Human Relations Training in Education; Respect for Differences; The Rights of Citizens; The Rights of Citizens in the District of Columbia