Resolution on the Promotion of Alcohol Use Targeted at Youth

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Whereas, Alcohol is the number one drug problem among youth, a nd alcohol use is a significant factor in each of the four leading causes of death among those 25 years and younger, and

Whereas, Underage drinking is associated with academic failure, illicit drug use, tobacco use, risky sexual behavior, higher risk for alcohol dependence, secondhand effects that put others at risk, alcohol poisoning, and altera tions in the structure and function of the developing brain, and

Whereas, Studies show that greater exposure to alcohol advertising contributes to an increase in drinking among underage youth, and

Whereas, Alcohol advertisements overwhelmingly connect consumption of alcohol with attributes particularly important to youth, such as friendship, prestige, sex appeal and a fulfilling life, and

Whereas, Alcohol companies target youth primarily through television, magazines, outdoor advertising, Internet sites, and sporting events. The alcohol industry does this to recruit the next generation of drinkers to maintain and expand their profits, and

Whereas, Television programs, motion pictures, music, video games and toys frequently depict the consumption of al cohol as glamorous and as a suitable means of enabling a person to handle a variety of problems. Entertainment media and products targeted toward underage audiences, or that are likely to be viewed or heard by children, affect a child’s expectations and views toward alco hol and its use, therefore be it 

Resolved, That the National PTA and its cons tituent organizations oppose the advertising of alcoholic beverages directed toward children and youth, and work to eliminate it; and be it further 

Resolved, That the National PTA and its constituent organizations advocate for the elimination of all advertising of alcoholic beverages that associates such beverages with popularity, sexuality, excessive drinking, illegal behavior, social success or as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood; and be it further 

Resolved, That the National PTA and its c onstituent organizations advocate for the elimination of portrayals of alcohol use in entertainment media and products and the depiction of alcohol use by those under the age of 21, especially in television programming and motion pictures, when not related to the storyline