Resolution on Head Injury Reporting

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Whereas, Approximately 1.4 million Traumatic Brain Injury related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits occur each year in the United States; and

Whereas, The results of a head injury can include short term effects such as concussions, loss of consciousness, or lethargy, and/or long term effects such as organ damage, coma, or death; and

Whereas, The full extent of a head injury may not be immediately known and often requires a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine; therefore be it

Resolved, That PTA and its constituent associations educate its members, and school personnel on the seriousness of head injuries and the need to report them to parents and/or guardians for monitoring and further follow up, and be it further

Resolved, That PTA and its constituent associations work with state and local education agencies to establish adopt and implement communication procedures to contact parents and/or guardians at the time a head injury to a child occurs in the school setting.