Resolution on After-School Programs

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Whereas, Between 7 and 15 million U.S. children return from school to an empty house on any given afternoon; and

Whereas, Violent and juvenile crime triples in the hours from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and it is during these hours that children face the most serious danger of becoming victims of crime or participants in substance abuse and early sexual activity; and

Whereas, After-school programs are proven to reduce crimes against children, crimes by children, and incidents of other risky behaviors among children, and after-school programs have the support of America’s police chiefs as the most effective solution for these problems; and

Whereas, Quality after-school programs promote academic success and positive social relationships; and

Whereas, Nine out of 10 voters agree that children and teens need some type of organized activity or place to go after school every day; and

Whereas, After-school programs save taxpayers more than $2 for every dollar spent, and voters want to see all levels of government make a financial commitment to after-school programs; therefore be it

Resolved, That the National PTA urges local and state governments and the federal government to make an increased investment in funding quality after-school programs, accessible to all children, and where possible using school facilities; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA urges all of its constituents and members to work with local communities to establish affordable, quality after-school programs.