Approved Convention Resolutions

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National Scope and Local Impact

Following are the resolutions that were adopted by the voting delegates during past National PTA Conventions. These resolutions are national in scope, but they have impact at the local, council and state levels of PTA as well.

The power of a resolution is to enable PTA members, leaders, and public policy and program teams to join with others to build partnerships, form coalitions, increase awareness, develop programs and lobby policy makers.

2023 Approved Resolutions

2022 Approved Resolutions

2021 Approved Resolutions

2019 Approved Resolutions

2018 Approved Resolutions

2017 Approved Resolutions

2016 Approved Resolutions

2015 Approved Resolutions

2014 Approved Resolutions

2013 Approved Resolutions

2012 Approved Resolutions

2011 Approved Resolutions 

Adopting Approved Resolutions: Next Steps

  • Distribute the National PTA resolutions to your members.
  • Review the resolutions at the local, council or state level to determine if existing resolutions are in conflict with National PTA. These will need to be either rescinded or amended.
  • Research the web or organizations to identify current relevant resources.
  • Contact other organizations, businesses or agencies to see if there might be new partnerships with which to join forces.
  • Ask if there are already programs within the state providing resources to help a resolution be more successful.
  • Work with other people, or groups, who have a shared interest in the intent of the resolution.
  • Contact your State PTA or the National PTA for assistance if needed.