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Position Statements


These official documents outline the opinion, will or intent of National PTA to address national problems, situations or concerns that affect children and youth.

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Resolutions serve to formalize and focus the positions of the organization and are an important part of the association's advocacy work. National PTA considers resolutions each year at our annual convention.

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Approved Convention Resolutions


See a list of resolutions that were adopted by the voting delegates during past National PTA Conventions.

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Resolutions Toolkit


Use these instructions and resources to establish a resolution according to National PTA procedure. 

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Private School Vouchers and School Choice


Find out where National PTA stands on private school vouchers and discover ways to advocate on this issue for all children.

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Standards and Assessments


National PTA volunteers have adopted several position statements and resolutions, beginning in 1981, in support of voluntary, clearer, higher academic standards for all students

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