Resolution on Mental Health Programs and Services

In This Section

Whereas, The National PTA has long been committed to providing improved mental health programs and services to children and youth; and

Whereas, The National PTA, through convention action in 1969, reaffirmed this commitment; and

Whereas, All children and youth have the right to mental health treatment; therefore be it

Resolved, That the National PTA reaffirm its 1969 resolution on Children's Emotional Health*; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA and its branches encourage each community to make available mental health programs and services which will meet the needs of all children and youth.


Whereas, The National Congress of Parents and Teachers is deeply concerned about the increasing number of children suffering from serious mental and emotional disorders; and

Whereas, It is engaged in an expanded program of mental health through the project on Children's Emotional Health in cooperation with the National Institute of Mental Health; and

Whereas, It recognizes that sound mental health is essential to constructive family life and personal happiness and to the acceptance of civic responsibility; and

Whereas, It realizes that mentally healthy home, school, and community environments are essential to the development of proper attitudes towards oneself and others; therefore be it

Resolved, That the National Congress of Parents and Teachers strongly endorses efforts to:

1. Establish comprehensive community mental health facilities to provide preventive and treatment services to children and adults.
2. Improve teacher and administrator understanding of child growth and development to insure the provision of an emotional climate in the school conducive to good mental health.
3. Promote educational programs for parents to improve the atmosphere of the home.
4. Provide special preventive services in the school to detect impending difficulties early.
5. Urge that teacher-training institutions incorporate in their programs courses designed to give greater emphasis to children's emotional health.
6. Improve community conditions adversely affecting children's emotional health