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Amplifying National PTA’s Advocacy Efforts

National PTA is a member of several federal policy coalitions that align with our policy priorities and enhance our advocacy efforts. As a member of these coalitions, National PTA participates in a variety of advocacy activities, including drafting and signing on to letters to policymakers and attending meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Joining coalitions amplifies National PTA’s advocacy efforts, helps build relationships with partner groups and demonstrates the strength and influence of group advocacy.

National PTA is a Proud Member of these Federal Policy Coalitions:

Act for JJ Coalition
Coalition for Juvenile Justice
Child Care & Early Learning Coalition
Connect Americans Now
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities - Education Task Force
Coalition for Community Schools
Committee for Education Funding
Education and Libraries Network Coalition
IDEA Full Funding Coalition
Learning First Alliance
National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity
National Coalition for Public Education
National Coordinating Committee on School Health and Safety
National Safe Schools Partnership
Rebuild America's Schools
Safe Routes to School National Partnership - Transportation Alternatives Program Coalition
Title IV-A Funding Coalition
UDL Task Force

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Check out our Advocacy toolkit for tips on how to build and join coalitions.


For questions about National PTA’s federal policy coalitions or our advocacy efforts, contact National PTA’s Department of Government Affairs at GovtAffairs@PTA.org.