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National PTA's 2019-2020 Public Policy Agenda

As the nation's oldest and largest child advocacy association, National PTA is committed to ensuring that our nation enacts legislation that supports each and every child.

National PTA advocates on Capitol Hill for every child with one voice. View National PTA’s Legislative Checklist for the 116th Congress.

Issue Briefs

Find National PTA's positions on a variety of important topics affecting children across the country below:

Legislative Checklist

Family Engagement in Education


Family engagement has been at the heart of National PTA's mission since the association's founding in 1897.

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Federal Investments in Education


The long-term success of our nation depends on quality federal investments in our education system.

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Public Dollars for Public Schools


PTA advocates to invest more funds into our public schools so that all children can reach their full potential.

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Safe and Supportive Schools


National PTA is dedicated to ensuring our schools have both the necessary physical security measures and the necessary student support services to keep our students safe.

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Gun Safety and Violence Prevention


No parent should fear for the safety of their child every time they leave home.

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Special Education


National PTA fights to ensure all children, including those with special needs, have access to an optimum learning environment.

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Data Reporting, Privacy & Technology


Protecting the safety of children and their school records online is critical in the 21st century.

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Child Nutrition


Healthy children learn better and are more productive—both in and out of the classroom.

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Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential—even if they make a mistake while growing up.

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Early Learning and Childhood Education


A child's first years are instrumental to their future development.

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