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National PTA has partnered with Nonprofit VOTE to produce several resources around the election for our members.

National PTA encourages PTA members form across the country to engage with their communities about registering to vote and the significance of the voting process. PTA members can get involved by reviewing National PTA election guides, and by rolling out voter registration and pledge campaigns. Members may also visit www.nonprofitvote.org to learn more about  voter engagement activities in their communities.

Voter Engagement Timeline

This timeline will help your PTA organize itself for its election related community engagement activities.

Election Guides

These helpful manuals explain what nonprofits can and cannot do around elections, ballot measures, town halls, candidate forums and other election activities.

  • Hosting a Candidate Forum (PDF): An in-depth guide with step-by-step instructions on planning a candidate forum, including what nonprofits can and cannot do.


Nonprofit VOTE has created a series of webinars to explain the ins and outs of nonprofit election activities. 

Additional Resources

  • PTA Election Guide 101 (PPT): A helpful power point presentation that outlines the basics of nonpartisan voter engagement and how PTAs can effectively promote election activities in their communities.
  • Voting In Your State: A state-by-state guide produced by Nonprofit VOTE that provides up to date information from state election officials on state election policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Candidate Lookup: Find out who is running in this year's election in your district and state.

  • Nonprofit VOTE has a wealth of election related resources for you to browse through.