Advocacy Toolkit

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Join PTA For Your Child

This toolkit is designed to help child advocates speak up for the health and wellbeing of all children. Use this resource for everything from writing your legislators to scheduling Capitol Hill visits—even to reach out to the media.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
From introduction to committee to being signed into law by the President, learn how a bill becomes a law.

Federal Appropriations and Budget Process
Learn the process of how Congress funds important education and health programs

Corresponding with Members of Congress
Learn strategies to effectively communicate with members of Congress via letters, e-mails, and phone calls.

Hosting a Site Visit for a Decisionmaker
Provides tips on how to successfully host a site visit at your school for a decisionmaker.

Conducting Meetings with a Decisionmaker
Learn how to schedule, plan, and conduct a visit with a decisionmaker or their staff.

Where Social Media and PTA Advocacy Collide
Details how to successfully utilize social media in your PTA's advocacy efforts.

Working with the Media
Op-eds, press releases, and PSAs: learn what ‘s newsworthy and how to effectively get your message out

Preparing Testimony
Learn how to effectively write and deliver testimony.

Building and Joining Coalitions
Learn tips to keep in mind when building and joining coalitions.

Advocacy Strategy Chart
This chart helps PTA advocates plan their strategies for effecting change.

Advocate With PTA
A brochure that briefly describes PTA’s advocacy history, resources and ideas for activism. Distribute to members, the community, partners or potential members.