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Don't miss these recent articles from National PTA blogs: One Voice Blog and Our Children Magazine, targeting PTA Leaders and Families at home.

One Voice Blog (for PTA Leaders)

9/29/17 - Support Families and School Communities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

9/22/17 - PTA Reflections: Within Reach

Our Children Magazine (for Families)

6/28/18 - How to Raise Kind, Respectful Kids
There are six ways to teach respect, both practicing the positive and curbing the negative.

3/27/18 - Family Game Night Activities
A great way to start a family tradition with your kids is by participating in family game nights!

3/15/18 - Use Your Kids' Screen Time to Inspire a Love for Reading
Every child takes a different road to reading, so it’s not surprising when parents get stuck trying to help their kids find the joy in it.