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National PTA Names Recipients of Over $650K in Program Funding

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Heidi May Wilson, Senior Manager, Media Relations

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Nov. 9, 2022)—National PTA announced today the recipients of over $650K in funding to help host PTA programs this school year in the areas of mental health, STEM, digital safety, literacy, tobacco use prevention and the arts. Nearly 500 PTAs from across the country have been selected to receive funding as part of the association’s PTA Connected, STEM + Families, Family Reading Experience, Healthy Lifestyles and arts education initiatives. The funding is made possible by PTA Proud National Sponsors The Allstate Foundation, the New York Life Foundation, Bayer Fund, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Discord, Google and YouTube, Norton, TikTok, Office Depot and The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, as well as the family of Mary Lou Anderson, who founded National PTA’s Reflections program.

“Each school year, National PTA offers funding to support PTAs in conducting PTA programs for their school communities to increase access to educational opportunities and enhance family engagement,” said Anna King, president of National PTA. “We are thrilled to provide over $650K in funding this year to nearly 500 PTAs—and we are grateful to our sponsors for supporting our mission and making this funding possible, which is so needed right now.”

Following are the funding recipients:

  • 50 local PTAs have been selected to receive $2,500 each, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, and 50 local PTAs have been selected to receive $2,500 each, sponsored by the New York Life Foundation, to equip families with the tools they need to build healthy minds as part of National PTA’s Healthy Minds program. The goal of the program is to empower families to make mental health an everyday priority.
  • 30 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each and two district/council/region PTAs have been selected to receive $5,000 each, sponsored by Bayer Fund, to engage families in science activities as part of National PTA’s STEM + Families Science Festivals program. The goal of the program is to make science more accessible and less intimidating to students and their families—especially among girls and underrepresented youth.
  • 35 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries, to connect families with engaging, hands-on STEM activities through National PTA’s STEM + Families Propelling Our World program. The goal of the program is to inspire students and families to be interested in STEM—and more specifically in the skilled trades—to eventually consider careers in these fields.
  • 30 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by Discord, to facilitate meaningful conversations between teens and their caregivers about ways we can all work together to protect privacy, be safer and support one another online. The goal of the program is to help families explore ways to foster positive relationships, navigate digital dilemmas and build belonging in our digital world.
  • 50 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by Google and YouTube, to host an interactive Be Internet Awesome program where families engage with one another in meaningful conversations about raising children in an online world and create a shared understanding of what it means to Be Internet Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave.
  • 150 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by Norton, to facilitate PTA Connected The Smart Talk family conversations in their school communities. The Smart Talk is an interactive tool created by National PTA and Norton that walks families through a series of guided digital safety questions, then creates a personalized family agreement for how technology will be used at home.
  • 38 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by TikTok, to host family-centered conversations within high school communities about digital kindness, safety and responsibility as part of National PTA’s PTA Connected Create With Kindness program.
  • 35 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by Office Depot, to implement National PTA’s Family Reading Experience program, which connects families with reading resources and is designed to help expand student access to books and diversify libraries at home, in school and in the community.
  • 25 local PTAs have been selected to receive $1,000 each, sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, to help educate students and families that youth e-cigarette use remains a serious public health problem, the dangers of flavored tobacco products, and to promote tobacco use prevention, including hosting Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action anti-tobacco campaign activities.
  • Two local PTAs have been selected to receive the 2022-2023 Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant of $1,000 each. The funding is designed to help PTAs administer student-centered programs that increase access to high quality arts learning experiences and create new pathways for students to participate in the National PTA Reflections program, with special emphasis placed on increasing access to arts education among at-risk and underrepresented students.

National PTA’s programs are designed to provide access to engaging, educational and fun opportunities that inspire; recognize; and support the physical, social-emotional and learning needs of all students and their families. National PTA offers in-person and at-home programs to meet students and families where they are. While funding is being provided to support PTAs’ program events in their school communities, National PTA’s programs are available to all PTAs and schools.

“National PTA’s programs bring knowledge, tools and resources into the lives of families to support their health, safety, well-being and success—as well as help connect families to their children’s school,” said Nathan R. Monell, CAE, National PTA Executive Director. “Our association remains committed to increasing family engagement in education and ensuring that families and schools have tools and information to best support students’ learning, development and success, and also improve the health and safety of our communities.”

Funding is not needed to run National PTA programs, and PTAs are encouraged to visit to learn how they can implement the programs in their school communities.

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