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National PTA Relaunches Family Reading Experience Program

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Heidi May Wilson, Senior Manager, Media Relations

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (May 6, 2021)—National PTA announced today the relaunch of its Family Reading Experience program. The revamped program is designed to equip PTA leaders with resources and tools to support families in their journey to explore new books, particularly diverse books. With the redesign of the program, National PTA has also incorporated the four ‘I’s of transformative family engagement in all activities and resources.

“Families play an essential role in helping children develop their literacy skills, inspiring a love of reading, and providing children with books that reflect the diversity of our world, which helps children do better in school and beyond and plays a critical role in raising informed, inclusive children,” said Leslie Boggs, president of National PTA. “We are pleased to relaunch our Family Reading Experience program with inclusive literacy resources, activities to encourage students to read at every step of their childhood, book suggestions for eager learners and tips for families to team up with their community.”  

National PTA first launched its Family Reading Experience program in 2013 to engage families in supporting the development of literacy skills and fostering a love of reading through a set of fun, educational activities. Through the relaunch of the program, National PTA aims to:

  • Empower PTAs with information on hosting literacy activities that improve book access and book choice and incorporate a lens of diversity and representation
  • Provide families with ready-to-go literacy resources
  • Equip families in-need with books during this school year
  • Inspire parents and students to be more confident and interested in reading, especially among the low-literacy population

The first set of materials released as part of the relaunched program focus on how PTAs can talk with their communities about the importance of representation in literature and advocate for expanded book choice by learning how to identify which types of books their communities read most often and where they have room to grow. With these materials, PTAs can help families set achievable goals in expanding their book selection and provide actionable challenges to celebrate reading new books together. Curated booklists also provide families with options that align with their needs.

The relaunched Family Reading Experience program is sponsored by Proud National PTA Sponsor Office Depot. National PTA also collaborated with Lee & Low Books on the redesign of the program.

“Wherever books are found—homes, schools or local libraries—they provide an opportunity to help children learn about, appreciate and honor other cultures, as well as learn to be empathetic and informed members of their communities,” added Nathan R. Monell, CAE, National PTA executive director. “My children, your children, all children need to see themselves reflected in the stories they read. Books should also introduce our kids to others who are different from them. National PTA appreciates Office Depot’s support in helping us relaunch our Family Reading Experience program to help families and schools build more diverse libraries.”

To access the materials as part of the relaunched Family Reading Experience program, visit

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