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National PTA Statement on Most Recent Gun Violence Incidents

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Heidi May Wilson, Senior Manager, Media Relations

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (April 19, 2021)—The following statement can be attributed to National PTA President Leslie Boggs:

“This weekend, our country and families suffered two more horrific mass shootings. With the shooting last week at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, our nation suffered the sixth consecutive week with a mass shooting.

“Common-sense legislation must be enacted immediately to help prevent more tragedies from occurring and protect our nation’s families. We have said it again and again—we cannot wait any longer. Limiting access to assault weapons and strengthening background checks can and will save lives.

“For years, PTA members have advocated for sensible gun safety and violence prevention policies. Our association believes policies and legislation must:

  • Fund research on the causes and effects of gun violence on youth and communities, as well as evidence-based strategies to reduce gun violence.
  • Establish education programs to teach students, parents and community members about gun safety and violence prevention.
  • Require a waiting period and a comprehensive background check for all individuals prior to purchasing a firearm.
  • Restrict internet gun sales, including kits that can be used to make and modify guns.
  • Ban access to military-style semi-automatic assault weapons.

“Our country immediately needs universal background checks, ‘red flag’ laws and other measures that will decrease gun violence. These policies will make our communities and schools safer for everyone and save lives. We call on Congress to urgently address this crisis as it is destroying our communities.

“It has been and remains a top priority of PTA to prevent and eliminate gun violence in communities, schools and at home; promote the safety and well-being of all children; and ensure every child has every opportunity to reach their full potential. We encourage everyone to get involved in our efforts to protect every child.”

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