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Join PTA For Your Child


  • President, 2003-2005 (Hawaii)
  • President-elect, 2001-2003
  • The 108th annual convention was held in Anaheim, California, (2004) and the 109th convention was held in Columbus, Ohio.


  • PTA launched a campaign – Five Cents Makes Sense for Education.  Received a grant and produced  resources for parents on the importance of educating children about HIV/AIDS as well as produced with the Anti-Defamation League the booklet, Discussing Hate and Violence with Children.  

  • Launched a multi-year public service announcement campaign with the Ad Council to encourage parents to “Know More, Do More.”  Developed a new PTA Fundraising Essentials magazine for all PTAs and U.S. school principals and conducted a nationwide survey to capture information on father involvement in education.

  • Celebrated the 20th anniversary of PTA Teacher Appreciation Week.  Announced businesswoman and  former model Kathy Ireland as the first-ever National PTA Ambassador for Youth.