Past National PTA Presidents (1930-1939)

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Essie-D-Mack.jpgEssie D. Mack, president, National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers 1935 – 1939

Procedures for legislation activities were adopted.





Mary-L-Langworthy.jpgMary L. Langworthy, president, National Congress of Parents and Teachers 1934 –1937 (Illinois)

In her third year the membership reached 2,056,777 members. The 1935 annual convention was held in Miami, Florida with the theme "The Home—Index to National Life." The 1936 annual convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had the theme "The Relations of the Home to Character Education." In 1937 at Richmond, Virginia the theme "The Place of the Home in the Community" was selected to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the organization.


M-W-Blocker.jpgMrs. M. W. Blocker, president, The National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers 1931 – 1935

She was elected in 1931 at their annual convention in Washington, D.C. She served from . Their official magazine "Our National Family" was first published.



Minnie-B-Bradford.jpgMinnie B. Bradford, president, National Congress of Parents and Teachers 1930 – 1934 (California)

Bradford attended the University of California on a scholarship made available by the Phoebe Apperson Hearst, co-founder of National Congress of Mothers. At the 1931 annual convention held in Hot Spring, Arkansas the chosen theme was "The Challenge of the Children's Charter." In 1932 the convention was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the theme "Safeguarding Children Through the Present Crisis." In 1933 convention was held in Seattle, Washington.


Ina Caddell Marrs, president, National Congress of Parents and Teachers 1928 – 1930 (Texas)

The 1928 N.C.P.T.'s national convention was held in Oakland, California; theme: "Sevenfold Program of Home and School" President Hoover welcomed the 1929 convention delegates to the White House in Washington, D.C., where they assembled for a photograph with the president. N.C.P.T. convention in 1930 was held in Denver, Colorado; theme: "The Whole Child."

Mrs. Marrs was appointed a member of the Advisory Committee on Education and a members of the White House Conference where the famed Children's Charter was drafted. She also was director of the International Federation of Home and School. When Mrs. Marrs retired in May 1930, the National Congress numbered 1,481,105 members in 49 state branches including District of Columbia and the territory of Hawaii.