Yvonne Johnson

In This Section

Yvonne Johnson currently serves as the Vice President for Advocacy for National PTA, as well as the Chair of the National PTA Legislative Committee. She previously served on the National PTA Board of Directors, the National PTA Field Service Committee and recently completed four years on the National PTA Resolutions Committee.

Johnson’s personal motto is, “Never underestimate the power of a parent’s voice!” She has been involved in PTA for close to 30 years, serving as Delaware PTA’s State President, Vice President for Advocacy, Federal Legislative Chair, Nominations Chair and Regional Vice President, in addition to serving on many committees.

Johnson functions as the directing arm of all advocacy issues in Delaware and serves as the voice for families around education issues. She has successfully assisted in passing many education bills in the state of Delaware and was proud to have received the National PTA 2014 Shirley Igo Award recipient for leading a grass roots advocacy campaign around inclusive classrooms in the local school district. She continues to work with local, state and federal officials on behalf of all children.

Professionally, Johnson is an independent consultant, working with local school districts on family engagement, education funding, grant writing and community outreach. She is married to John and has three children: Her son Ross, who is married to Stephanie and has one son named Crew (Johnson’s favorite role is be a Bubbe), her daughter Jessica, who just graduated from law school, and her stepson Derrick, who serves a public defender in Maryland.