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Stacy BatemanStacy Bateman has been involved in education for over 20 years and was elected to the National PTA Board of Directors in June 2019. As the mom of five, improving the home/school connection is her passion. Bateman has been a teacher, coach, student advocate, space center director, schoolwide Dr. Seuss party planner, room mom, event clean-up, committee member PTA elementary and secondary president, council president and a region director over 90 schools.

At the state level, Bateman serves on the communications, leadership and finance committees, as well as the Multi-Region Leadership Institute for Utah PTA. She has also served on several district committees and in civic leadership positions in California, Wisconsin and Utah. 

To strengthen the power of connection, Bateman embraces her role of bridge-builder in visionary ways among parents, teachers and students in her district. Her experiences raising her own children—and serving the children of her community—have made her realize her most important role is magic-maker. There is magic in celebrating people, whether through small gestures or at grand events.

Bateman spends most of her days working with students to empower them to advocate for themselves and create their own future no matter what their scripted narrative might be. She believes that when a community comes together, it can make magic for all children.