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Sergio ChavezSergio Chavez was elected to the National PTA Board of Directors in June 2021 and serves on the Governance Committee. Directly prior to election, Chavez served as the first male Hispanic president for Arizona PTA. He believes that “anyone and everyone can PTA.” His passion for the association began when his daughter started kindergarten in 2009 and became a member of the Orangewood PTA that year.

Since that time, Chavez has served as a member of the National PTA Male Engagement, Membership and Programs Committees, Arizona PTA president-elect, NCM regional director and communication specialist and as Orangewood PTA membership chair and male engagement chair. He has been honored with an Arizona PTA lifetime membership award.  

Chavez’s proudest PTA moments include being a part of the march for RED FOR ED and being selected out of 1,500 members at the National PTA Convention in Austin, Texas to take part in the Lifetouch Memory mission to go to the Dominican Republic and help build not only a school, but a community.  

Professionally, Chaves is the owner of a small business, “I know A Guy Apparel,” which specializes in custom jerseys and personalized apparel. He resides in Arizona with his wife and daughter.