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Rose Acerra Acerra has been a dedicated PTA advocate since her first son started school over 26 years ago and currently serves as National PTA’s vice president of Advocacy for the 2023-2026 term. Through her term, Acerra’s goal is to empower PTA members and colleagues and elevate advocacy throughout our PTA. Acerra started her PTA journey has a local leader and has now served on nearly every level of PTA, including on the National PTA Board of Directors and as state president and Federal Legislative chair for New Jersey PTA.

Advocacy is a big part of Acerra’s PTA journey; she has worked to get parents a seat at the table whenever it is important to have a parent’s voice. As president of New Jersey PTA, Acerra led efforts to pass legislation that included cameras on school bus extension arms to deter cars from speeding past school buses. She advocated for a fairer state education funding formula, and for higher academic standards for all students across the state. New Jersey PTA is now a critical resource and partner with other education associations, helping to ensure that students receive the education they deserve. Acerra's efforts were recognized in 2017 when she was chosen for the National PTA Shirley Igo Advocate of the Year award. 

Acerra enjoys working with PTA leaders on all levels and, in her spare time, loves family time with her husband and three sons, Robert Jr, Richie and Raymond.