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Jen MartinezJennifer Martinez has been a committed PTA and community leader for over 24 years. She was elected to the National PTA Board of Directors in June of 2022 and is the chair of the Executive Director Performance Review and Field Service committees. Her previous PTA experience includes serving as president of Florida PTA and Sunshine State PTA, among other roles at the national, state and local levels.  

As the Florida PTA president, Martinez was elected as the National Constituent Advisory Council (NCAAC) vice-chair. Additionally, Florida PTA hosted the state’s first hybrid Leadership Convention and Legislative Conference and received the National PTA Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award. 
After 22 years in human resources, Martinez began working for the Palm Beach County School District where she has been a data processor and bookkeeper and is now in her seventh year as an administrative assistant at Rolling Green Elementary School in Boynton Beach. 
Martinez and her dedicated and supportive husband of over 30 years (Moises) live with their four children (Daniel, Michael, Jason and Jackie) in Lake Worth, Fla. Martinez has served in the community in various roles with the Lake Worth Youth League, West Boynton Football League, Flip City All-Star Cheer, St. Matthew Catholic Church and several Palm Beach County School District committees.