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Cindy Gerhardt

Cindy Gerhardt was elected to the National PTA Board of Directors in June 2021. She previously served on the National PTA Legislative Committee and as Chair of the National PTA Resolutions Committee, where she worked with her fellow members to develop and refine resolutions that guide the advocacy work and contribute to the public policy agenda for National PTA.

Prior to her roles at National PTA, Gerhardt served as the president of Florida PTA and as the president of the Sunshine State PTSA. While there, she devoted 20 plus years to serving the needs of children and families across the state, specifically focusing on inequities in educational opportunities, unstable housing, foster care issues and juvenile justice reform. She is currently serving as a member of the Florida PTA Board of Directors.  

Gerhardt believes that to ensure ALL children have an opportunity to live a whole, safe and equitable life, we who have a voice should not be silent. To that end, she founded Brave First Step, a non-profit that assists victims of domestic violence. She currently serves as the association’s executive director.  

She was honored with a Florida PTA Life Membership Award, a Florida PTA Walk of Fame Award, and received the National PTA Jan Harp Domene Diversity & Inclusion Award during her term as Florida PTA President. A mother of five and grandmother to three perfect grandchildren, Gerhardt currently resides in Georgia.