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Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Heather Gillette Heather Gillette currently serves on the National PTA Board of Directors following a path of upward mobility starting in 1995 as the chair of the Fun Run committee at her son’s elementary school. She has served on a vast array of committees and held many different leadership roles over these many years.  PTA has provided numerous opportunities to gain skills, learn from experiences and hone leadership capabilities. Heather has also served on the National PTA Field Service Committee since 2015 where the team completed comprehensive work on the current Standards of Affiliation.

At the state level, she continues to serve Washington State PTA as the strategic plan chair and as a liaison for state-wide communications and marketing. As a past state president, she traveled the state and made many beneficial connections with other organizations and groups who also align with the PTA mission.

One of her favorite leadership thoughts is that the concepts of teamwork are integral at all levels of what we do to be successful. While there are many players on a field that step up at the appropriate time to do the work and lead there are also times that they stay in a supporting role for others to shine. That teamwork, many coming together to produce something greater than the individual, is the strength of a team and the strength of PTA.