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The National PTA Legacy Room is a vibrant reminder of the Power of PTA and positive impact the association has had on the lives of children in America.

Located at National PTA headquarters in Alexandria, Va., members, partners and guests are invited to visit this tribute to past and present volunteers, whose advocacy for every child is at the heart and mission of PTA.

Honoring Our Legacy

"Our Home, Our Legacy, Our Future" was a capital campaign (2011-2013) established to raise funds for a new, permanent home for our incredible history. The National PTA Legacy Room is the culmination of that campaign.

Proceeds from the campaign were earmarked to establish a living legacy that memorializes our past and preserves important historic items. The vision was to create a space that would promote and highlight the contributions of National PTA volunteers throughout our over 120 year history.

Volunteers and staff collaborated to collect an inventory of PTA artifacts, documents, photography and media—and archived them for future access.

The completed National PTA Legacy Room was unveiled March 10, 2017.

National PTA is truly grateful for the Campaign Cabinet Members who dedicated their time to design and develop the campaign, and for the many donors who made the National PTA Legacy Room a reality.

Contributions and support from generous donors like you helped bring our accomplishments as the nation’s oldest and largest child advocacy association to life. We are proud of how this project honors and showcases National PTA’s history.

Laura Bay visits the Legacy Room
Visiting the Legacy Room

If you are visiting the National PTA Headquarters in Alexandria, Va., please be sure to visit the Legacy Room and take as many pictures as you like.

Currently Featured Artifacts

Wall Case:

  • Legacy Room Wall CaseSelena Sloane Butler Day Plaque

  • Department of Education Commemorative Plaque

  • PTA Stamp Collection, 1975

  • Large Record, NCPT Filmstrip Recording, Dedication of National HQ in Chicago

  • Small Record, PTA Magazine, “What to Say When”

  • Shallow Stand-Up CaseReflections Press with Gold Stamp, 1983

  • PTA Centennial Gold Necklace


Shallow Stand-Up Case:

  • Book Series, “Parents and their Problems,” Volumes 1-6, 8

  • President’s Chain, Gold and Turquoise

  • Table Top CaseScrapbook, E.A. Tuttle, 1896-1904


Tabletop Case:

  • Scrapbook, “PTA Through the War Years,” 1941-1945

  • Scrapbook, “National Congress,” 1898-1939

  • Plate, Porcelain, Chicago Office

  • Gavel, Alice Birney, 1927

 Deep Stand-Up Case

Deep Stand-Up Case:

  • Declaration of Unification, 1970


Legacy Room Gallery

View more images from the ribbon cutting ceremony.