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Recognize National PTA in Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to the National PTA Endowment Fund is the easiest way to have a meaningful impact on the success of our nation’s children.

When you recognize National PTA in your will you become part of a special community—The Oak Tree Circle.

Our Nation's Children

About Oak Tree Circle

Since 1922, the Oak Tree has been a symbol for National PTA. PTA began as a national association (the main trunk), and—like the mighty oak tree—grew branches (state PTAs) and smaller shoots (local PTAs) that drew life from the parent stem. The association is best represented by the oak, with its sturdy heart, its usefulness in building, its broad, protective shadow and the acorns that perpetuate its life.

Leaving a gift in your will allows you to make a significant gift to the mission and work of National PTA while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime. You can provide for your family and support efforts to protect and encourage every child.

When you include the National PTA Endowment Fund in your will, you become a valued member of The Oak Tree Circle. We recognize the significance of every bequest and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude.

Oak Tree Circle

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