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National PTA Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund ensures that PTA will have the resources to address emerging issues that affect the education, health and well-being of our nation’s children.

With your contribution, PTA will continue to be effective in changing public policy and disseminating resources that help further our mission and support a better future for our children.

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Limited-Time Matching Donation Offer!

Total donations made to the Endowment Fund between May 30 and June 30, 2024 will be matched! Learn how to maximize your donation!

Donate Today!

We invite you to make a one-time or recurring donation to our Endowment Fund. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal of building a secure future.

Your endowment gift is an investment in the future of our organization. It's a way to leave a lasting legacy and ensure that our work continues to make a positive impact for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference!

Level Up Giving Campaign


Give to the Endowment Fund between May 30 and June 30 and your donation will have double the impact!

We are honored to have support from Association Insurance Management, Inc. (AIM) as the exclusive corporate matching partner in National PTA’s Endowment Fund campaign during Level Up PTA 2024 Virtual Convention.

AIM is generously matching up to $5,000 of the total amount raised for the giving campaign, so now’s the time to donate!


Join Our Endowment Fund Supporters

Thank you to our supporters who have already generously donated to the Fund this fiscal year. Join your peers and donate today! (Names are updated as of May 15, 2024.)

Endowment Fund Donors

$1,000 - $2,499

Leslie Boggs
Betsy Landers

$500 - $999

Wayne Bauman
Jackie Coogan
Teri Quinn Gray
Nathan Monell
American Academy of Pediatrics

$250 - $499

Rose Acerra
Rachel Burke
William Datema
Angi Gonzales-Carver
Mindy Haas
Celia Jaffe
Catherine Lindenbaum
Heidi PeCoy
Jeff Price
Fidelia Sturdivant
Huntsville Council PTA

$100 - $249

Jackie Arendt
Tyler Barr
Kyle Belokopitsky
Shaton Berry
Anne Carson
Jeffery Corbett
Anne Gabriellini
Alvin Gainey
Francis Gallagher
Heather Gilette
Marie Giulietti
Vin Gopal
Ami Marie Granger Welch
Stephanie Gray
Diane Velasco Hyland
Yvonne Johnson
Anna King
Latha Krishnaiyer
Jayne Lee
Susan Lipman
Lizeth LoCicero
Leslie Menjivar
Carolyn Nelson-Goedert
Cathleen Pittman
Patrice Rachlin
Ivy Reilly
Angela Revay
Shu Rosenthal
Charles Scott
Kristen Smith
Laurie Solis
Angela Steck
Traci Tatum
Suzan Yunger
Gettysburg College

$25 - $99

James Accomando
Hope Alfaro
Julie Alvarez
Maricela Arias-Cantu
Susan Baird-Joshi
Cyndi Barbian
Paula Becker
Adeline Bee
Brenda Cardoza
Phadra Carson Foster
M. Ivelisse Castro
Erik Champy
Lawrence Clermont
Jackie Cochrane
Meghan Cox
Tonya Craft-Perry
Cynthia-Grace Devine-Kepner
Erin Doering
Shanaye Ellison
Tynettia Elrod
Tori Emerson
Madison Estes
Laura Fellman
Susan Fisher
Mary Fortier
Tiffany Foster
Dawn Fritz
Lawrence Garcia
Jennifer Garland
Nikkie Gullickson
Anita Hagins Jones
Rachel Haight
Wendy Hardwick
Anna Hardy
Cindy Hawkins
Dee Hensley-Maclean
Stephanie Humphrey
Heather Ippolito
Michael Jacobs
Christine Kent
Nicole Lesnick
Gwen Loosmore
Lisa Mack
Jenna Mcmechan
Chris Medley
Kimberley Mell
Ivy Nguyen
Linda Nickles
Lynn Petrofsky
Dana Platin
Ami Prichard
Aja Purnell-Mitchell
Ann Randall
Tony Rett
Roberto Rijos
Sarah Robirds
Jamie Rogers
Liz Sager
Eileen Segal
Nick Suplina
Tessie Thomas
Brigette Thompson
Angie Warner
Tonya Whitehead
Teresa Williams
Jane York
Richardson ISD Council of PTAs


Endowment Fund

Why give to the Endowment Fund?

Your generous gift to our Endowment Fund will ensure a stable and sustainable future for our organization. Think of it like this: Your donation plants a seed of investment into the PTA mission. Continuous support to the Endowment Fund keeps our mission growing far and wide, so our vibrant voice and impact remains strong.  

When you give to the Endowment Fund, you are directly supporting our long-term goals, such as: 

  • Advocating for the current and emerging issues facing our children, families and schools 

  • Funding services to help support every child’s success 

  • Providing PTAs with relevant resources and tools to engage families in their school community 

  • Expanding PTA’s reach and impact

Learn other ways you can support PTA 

Donate Monthly

To become a NPTA Monthly Donor, please visit PTA.networkforgood.com