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National PTA elections are held at our annual convention. The 2021 elections will be held in Grapevine, Texas June 24-27. The Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC) will be recruiting for the following positions for the 2021 elections:

New Election Policy

The National PTA Board of Directors adopted new Election Policy Sept. 30, 2020. An immediate implication of this policy change is that all candidates who wish to be elected to serve in a national capacity must submit their letter of interest during the LOI open season in the fall of each year.

All candidates will be vetted by the NLRC that will then determine a slate of candidates as in previous years. Those who are not selected may then elect to run from the floor as self-nominated candidates and may declare that interest as they might have done in previous years.

No one can nominate themselves if they have not already placed their name in consideration with the NLRC as that is now a prerequisite for self-nomination.

Because this policy takes effect immediately, the Board of Directors has directed NLRC to extend the Letter of Intent process to November 1. Learn more about the Letter of Interest process.

Now Accepting 2021 Letter of Interest

Thank you for your interest in a National PTA leadership position. The Letter of Intent process has been extended to November 1. You may review and complete the 2021 Letter of Interest.

Letter of Interest

Candidates are selected based on their competencies as demonstrated in their Letter of Interest application, interview and reference feedback. The NLRC developed Competencies and Criteria for slated candidates based on a needs assessment and leadership feedback. For a description of our election process, review both the Governance Policy Manual and our National PTA Bylaws.


Questions for NLRC? Email or call (703) 518-1251.