Become a National PTA Leader

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National PTA elections are held at our annual convention. The next elections will be in New Orleans, June 21-24, 2018. 

Eight Board of Directors Member Representatives are elected each year, and either two or three members of the Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC) are elected each year based on a cycle defined in the National PTA Bylaws.

For more info, go to For a description of leadership responsibilities, please review the Governance Policy Manual.

To learn about our election process and bylaws and policies, read the National PTA Bylaws.

Slate of Candidates

Candidates were selected by the Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC) based on their competencies as demonstrated in their Letter of Interest application, interview and reference feedback. The NLDC developed Competencies and Criteria for National PTA Board and NLRC members based on a needs assessment and leadership feedback. Find out how to self nominate for a National PTA leadership position.

2018 Slated Board Member Candidates (2018-2020 term)

  • Kris Garst (European Congress)
  • Leon Hobbs (Georgia)
  • Yvonne Johnson (Delaware)
  • Ian MacDonald (New Hampshire)
  • Traci Petteway (Texas)
  • Justin Raber (West Virginia)
  • Darlene Harris (Pennsylvania)
  • Chase Thomas (Illinois)

2018 Slated NLRC Candidates (2018-2021 term)

  • Angi Gonzales Carver (New Mexico)
  • Alvin Gainey (Florida)
Questions for NLRC? Email or call (703) 518-1251.

Call for Self-Nominations

The Call for Self-Nominations is now closed.  Pursuant to the National PTA Bylaws, a list of all candidates will be published no later than 45 days prior to the 2018 National PTA Convention & Expo.

Thank you.

For more info about elections and campaigning, contact the Elections Committee.