Whole Child Education

Family Engagement in Whole Child Education

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz around whole child education, but not sure what it is? Perhaps you’re already an advocate for whole child education and are looking for research to help convince others in your community. Our latest briefs have something for everyone:

What is Whole Child Education? provides an overview of whole child education and what it looks like in action.

Family Guide to Fostering Whole Child Development offers concrete strategies for helping your child develop important life skills at school and at home.

Family Engagement

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Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast

Notes from the Backpack features unique perspectives from parents, educators and researchers who will give you real-life advice and ideas you can use. Our expert guests share insights on whole child development in school and at home. Be sure to check out…

Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast

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PTAs Pushing for Whole Child Education

Through National PTA’s Transformative Family Engagement & Whole Child Learning Grant, Austin Council of PTAs, Lake Washington PTSA Council, and Pinellas County Council PTA conducted listening sessions to better understand their community’s needs. National PTA partnered with the three PTAs to facilitate eight focus groups with more than 100 participants that represented diverse socioeconomic, racial and cultural backgrounds.

The results were clear: Families want a greater focus on the whole child.

Families consistently shared they believe it’s important that their children developing traits like responsibility, respect, motivation, leadership, financial literacy and social skills. Parents understood that there was more to education than grades and test scores. They care about their children becoming healthy, happy adults who are good citizens and they think schools can be doing a better job at this.

Read on to learn more about our participatory action research project.

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Resources from our Partners

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National PTA’s whole child education projects are made possible with support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.