National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

PTA’s process for building successful partnerships starts with the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships and consists of three steps:

  • Raising awareness about the power of family and community involvement.
  • Taking action to cultivate involvement through specific programs and practices.
  • Celebrating success as your school sees increased involvement and its impact. 

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Family Engagement Makes an Impact

The Center for Family Engagement has partnered with the Global Family Research Project to bring you the latest research on how parents can support their child’s and school’s success. Discover five ways families, teachers, schools and communities can work together to support children’s learning and school success.

Family Walking

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Transformative Family Engagement eLearning Course

Are you a local PTA leader who wants to learn practical strategies to make your family engagement practices more transformative?

Our new e-learning course is designed to help PTAs be role models and advocates for more equitable and effective family engagement practices in their schools.

This 25 minute course describes the “Four I's” of transformative family engagement—being inclusive, individualized, integrated, and impactful—and gives you examples of what they look like in action. National PTA log-in required.


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Whole Child Education

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz around whole child education, but not sure what it is? Perhaps you’re already an advocate for whole child education and are looking for research to help convince others in your community. Our latest briefs have something for everyone:

What is Whole Child Education? provides an overview of whole child education and what it looks like in action.

Family Guide to Fostering Whole Child Development offers concrete strategies for helping your child develop important life skills at school and at home.

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Family Engagement

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School and District Funding

Audio Resource

It’s essential to understand the basics of education finance to effectively advocate for the needs of our school community. On Notes from the Backpack: a PTA Podcast, Dr. Marguerite Roza, Director of the Edunomics Lab, offers practical guidance on how families can stay informed about their school district’s financial decisions and how they can advocate for the priorities they care most about.
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Printed Resources

If you are eager to understand school budgets, get started with Understanding & Advocating for School Funding guide. The document offers background information on education finance, answers several frequently asked questions and shares advocacy tips. If you are interested in diving deeper, explore our research findings in Families' Perspectives on School Funding.

Marguerite Roza


Download the slidedeck of our research findings below or watch the full webinar to hear the entire presentation, including a panel of PTA leaders sharing their own advocacy experiences.

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