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Letters to Congress

2013 · 2014 · 2015


Education Funding

National PTA letter in opposition to the proposed funding cuts in the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2016. 

National PTA letter in opposition to the proposed funding cuts in the House Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2016. 

Juvenile Justice

National PTA letter of support to the authors of the Second Chance Reauthorization Act of 2007 (S.1513).

Student Privacy

National Education Groups Coalition letter to endorse the Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act of 2015.


Coalition letter asking Members of Congress to co-sponsor S. 705, the Transportation Alternatives Program Improvement Act.

ESEA-NCLB Reauthorization

National PTA recently signed on to a letter supporting physical education as a core subject and restoring the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) in the "Every Child Achieves Act of 2015".

National PTA Letter to Senate HELP Committee on ESEA Reauthorization Bill: National PTA's letter to Committee Members regarding the "Every Child Achieves Act of 2015" released by Committee Chair Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-WA). The letter outlines the need for family engagement provisions to be included in the bill.  

PTA’s ESEA-NCLB Recommendations to HELP Committee: National PTA’s comments on the “Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015” discussion draft released by Senate HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN). The comments outline PTA’s priorities for ESEA-NCLB reauthorization including a request for mandatory set-aside funds for family engagement activities.

NCPE Title I Portability Opposition: As part of the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE), a letter expressing opposition to the Title I portability provision of the HELP Committee’s ESEA-NCLB reauthorization discussion draft that would allow Title I funds to follow a child to another public school.

Coalition for Community Schools ESEA Priorities: Letter from the Coalition for Community Schools, of which National PTA is a member, detailing the coalition’s recommendations for ESEA-NCLB reauthorization in the 114th Congress.

Military Child Education Coalition ESEA and Military Connected Children: Letter to Congress from the Military Child Education coaltion, urging Congress to amend section 1501 of ESEA-NCLB to direct State and Local Educational Agencies to collect data about military-connected students as a "report-only" subgroup.


Education Funding

FY2015 PTA Omnibus Letter (PDF): A letter from National PTA to Members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees urging the passage of an omnibus appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2015 (FY2015) that promotes child achievement and well-being by providing for neede investments in education and protecting the current nutrition standards of school meals.

FY 2014 CEF Omnibus Letter (PDF): A coalition letter asking Congress to restore sequester cuts to Education in the FY 2014 Budget bill.

2014 Consolidated Appropriations (PDF): A coalition letter expressing the position of the CEF on the FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations bill.

HHS/ED Committee Allocation (PDF): Asking the Appropriations committees in both chambers to restore funding to HHS and Ed programs.

Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 (PDF): A letter thanking Senate HELP Committee chair for the CCDBG Act and asking that adequate resources be alloted.

Increase Title 1 Funds in 2015 (PDF): A coalition letter expressing support for proposed FY 2015 increase in Title 1 funding.

Impact Aid Funding (PDF): A letter asking members of Senate and House Appropriations committees to reject the Administration's FY 2015 proposed elimination of funding for school Impact Aid in 2015.

School Safety

2014 Keeping All Students Safe Act (PDF): Thanking Senate HELP Committee chair for the introduction of the Keeping All Students Safe Act, a bill which would address the issue of seclusion and restraint in schools, and outlining PTA’s recommendations for the bill.

Safe Schools Improvement Act (PDF): Requesting co-sponsorship of the Safe Schools Improvement Act, anti-bullying and harassment legislation that would require all K-12 schools to enact policies to address these situations to help ensure that children are able to learn in a safe and positive environment. This letter was sent to all current Members of Congress who were not yet co-sponsors.

Child Nutrition and Health

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (PDF): Coalition letter expressing concern for language allowing Local Education Associations to apply for a waiver for the 2014-2015 school year if incurring additional costs to comply with the updated nutrition standards for snacks and beverages sold in schools.

Free Care Rule Clarification (PDF): A letter to Secretaries of Education and Health and Human Services urging them to clarify that school health services are exempt from the Medicaid free care rule, which states that Medicaid reimbursement is not available in situations where care is free and available to everyone in the community.

National PTA Letter to Appropriations Committee (PDF): A letter from National PTA President to the members of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees urging them to reject any proposal to scale back nutrition stanards via the appropriations process.


FIT Kids Act (PDF): Supporting the introduction of the Fitness Integrated with Teaching Kids Act.

Keeping All Students Safe Act (PDF): Thanking ranking member of committee for including the Keeping All Students Safe Act in the proposed Student Success Act substitute bill and urging the Education and Workforce Committee to adopt it.

TRICARE Mental Health Services Amendment (PDF): As part of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, requesting support for an amendment that would provide certain behavioral health treatments under the TRICARE military healthcare program for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Coalition ESEA Reauthorization Letter (PDF): A letter from 47 national, state, and local organizations and associations committed to supporting children and families urging the Senate to expedite the ESEA reauthorization process.

Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Bill (PDF): A letter asking Congress to address the rising number of bicycling and walking fatalities by passing a law to require the US Department of Transportation to set performance measures to reduce these accidents.

Coalition Sequester Replacement (PDF): A letter from 470 National organizations asking Congress to replace the sequester cuts with a fair and balanced approach.

Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 (PDF): A coalition letter expressing support for the budget agreement reached by Congress in December 2013.

SNAP Letters

FARRM (HR 1947) (PDF): Urging the Committee on Agriculture to consider concerns related to deep cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly contained in the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act.

Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act (HR 3102) (PDF): Asking members of the House of Representatives to oppose this bill and the steeps cuts it made to SNAP.

Children's Farm Bill Conference Letter: (PDF): Urging the Senate and House Committees on Agriculture to protect SNAP funding.

HR5 (Student Success Act) Letters

CEF HR5 Funding Issues (PDF): From our coalition partner, the Committee on Education Funding, opposing the authorized spending levels in HR5, which preserved sequester cuts to education.

NCPR Voucher Opposition (PDF): As part of the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE) expressing opposition to any amendments to HR 5 that would allow the expenditure of federal funds on private school vouchers.

National PTA HR5 Concerns (PDF): National PTA expressing broad concerns with HR5 to the Committee on Education and the Workforce.