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Seeing is Believing

pta_takes_action_logo_color_256x154.jpgPromising Practices for How School Districts Promote Family Engagement.

Helen Westmoreland, Heidi M. Rosenberg, M. Elena Lopez, & Heather Weiss


There is widespread consensus that family engagement is a critical ingredient for children’s school success “from cradle to career.” Research suggests that family engagement promotes a range of benefits for students, including improved school readiness, higher student achievement, better social skills and behavior, and increased likelihood of high school graduation. Policymakers, practitioners, and researchers also recognize family engagement as a critical intervention strategy that maximizes return on other investments in education. Early childhood education programs that have demonstrated significant short- and long-term benefits for children all have intensive family involvement components. Furthermore, investing in family engagement can be cost effective. For example, schools would have to spend $1,000 more per pupil to reap the same gains in student achievement that an involved parent brings.

Download the PDF below to read the complete brief. 

Seeing is Believing
Promising Practices for How School Districts Promote Family Engagement