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Sophia Waugh

Sophia WaughSophia Waugh, National PTA's Secretary-Treasurer, was re-elected to the National PTA Board of Directors at the June 2013 National PTA Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. She previously served a two-year term on the National PTA Field Service Committee. Waugh continues to serve on the California State PTA since becoming a member in 1989 as a District PTA President. She serves on its board of managers as a member of the Education Commission bringing her wealth of knowledge and partnership building.

When her eldest son entered kindergarten in 1974, she joined PTA and held many positions including chartering PTAs in schools her sons attended. She was elected in 1989 to serve a two-year term as the District PTA President; having many years in PTA her passion and conviction in her beliefs of PTA have never wavered.

Waugh brings her knowledge, leadership skills, collaboration and partnership building from more than 15 years as a member and president four times of the largest county board of education in the nation. She has also served on the California School Boards Association Board of Directors, California County Boards of Education as its president, and serves currently on non-profit boards.

Waugh is a champion for the disengaged; she understands how important it is to reach out and connect parents and families who have been ignored for too long. She has advocated for ways to involve the most at-risk families, thinking outside the box, and chartering non-traditional PTA units in community schools, incarcerated youth camps, and juvenile hall. Her most exciting PTA charter is with the Head Start Super Grantee, the largest Head Start Grantee in the nation. She believes that we must engage Head Start/pre-school parents before they transition or we lose the best opportunity to empower them as members in the very early years before they transition into K-12.

Waugh and her husband Fred have two sons and four grandchildren.