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National PTA Bylaws

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Bylaws govern an organization’s operations and contain the basic rules relating principally to itself as an association. The National PTA bylaws outline the basic purpose of PTA, lists basic policies of the National PTA association and provides a structure for how the PTA association is set up. The bylaws also provide information on National PTA committee structure, the annual convention and amendment process.

In March 2014, the National PTA Board of Directors authorized a revision of the National PTA Bylaws. The bylaws and policy committee is pleased to present the proposed revised bylaws to the PTA leaders and stakeholders. 

During the 2015 National PTA Annual Convention in Charlotte, N.C., the convention delegates will have an opportunity to submit any amendments to the proposed revised bylaws. At that time, any such amendments will be voted on by the convention delegates and the final proposed revised bylaws will be voted on, in whole, by the convention delegates. It is important to note that a substitute to the proposed revision will be in order.

This page serves as the primary location where everything will be located related to the bylaws revision. Continue to visit this page.

Current National PTA Bylaws 

These are the current bylaws that were last amended in June 2014.

Proposed Amendment to Current National PTA Bylaws

This document identifies an amendment to the current bylaws that will be presented to the 2015 National PTA Annual Convention prior to the amendments to the articles of incorporation or proposed bylaws revision.

National PTA Bylaws Revision

These are the proposed revised bylaws that were prepared by the bylaws and policy committee and authorized by the board to be presented to the 2015 National PTA Annual Convention.

Proposed Amendments to Articles of Incorporation

 This document identifies amendments to the Articles of Incorporation that will presented to the 2015 National PTA Annual Convention.

Cross Reference Document

 This document provides a comparison of the current and proposed bylaws.

Alignment of National PTA’s Governing Documents Image

This image highlights the alignment of National PTA’s governing documents and the desired outcome of the proposed National PTA Bylaws.

Report of the Bylaws & Policy Committee

 This report provides background information on the revision process.

Bylaws Glossary

This document identifies some basic definitions of terms that are used throughout the revised bylaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the revision process, the committee received questions that were asked several times. Read answers to some frequently asked questions.


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