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As parents, you experience pressures and concerns not faced by previous generations. Despite these challenges, many parents make heroic efforts to raise healthy children in safe environments despite uncertain times.

Child safety becomes paramount. PTA offers you several tools to help you gauge potential risks and advice on giving clear instructions to your children on how to avoid such risks. Talking to children about safety also increases their understanding of violence and the need for practicing safe behaviors.

Parents are not alone in making child safety a priority. Many school officials and community members are working with families to create a safe environment where children can flourish and grow, free from violence, drugs, gangs and other threats. With the necessary resources, support, and guidance, all of us can make a difference in our homes, schools and communities.


Resources to take action to support the implementation of bullying prevention initatives.

Internet Safety

Best practices for child safety on the Internet and other digital media.

TV and Video Game Safety

Ways to protect your children from violence and graphic content in video games and on television.

School Violence

Violence takes many forms and the victims include more than just students.

Physical Safety

Safety tips for home and school.

Substance Abuse

Kids who learn from their parents about the dangers of substance abuse are less likely to abuse substances.