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TV and Video Game Safety

TV and Video Game Safety

As technology advances, communication needs and habits change as well. Children are becoming consumers of electronic information at earlier ages. Their skills at navigating digital media can even overwhelm some parents. And their access to questionable content increases as well. This is why safe practices are paramount for television viewing, video game playing, and movie watching.

National PTA feels that it's the responsibility of parents, teachers, and other caregivers to control children's exposure to electronic media and to promote their media literacy. The resources offered here will help parents fulfill these responsibilities.


Parent Guides

Watching Movies With Your Children
How to make watching movies a fulfilling family activity.

Proper TV Viewing Habits for Children
Tips for improving your child's TV viewing habits.

Exergames: Fitness Through Video Games
A look at interactive video games that can help keep children fit.

Video Game Safety Strategies
Important tips for creating a safe video game playing environment for your children.

Reducing Kids' Screen Time
Methods for getting kids involved in activities away from TV screens and monitors.

Third Party Resources

Webcast: Parental Guidance on Video Game Ratings
Ways to protect your children from violence and graphic content in video games and on television.


Additional Resources

Microsoft PACT Tool to Promote Healthy Media Use
A tool to help parents decide what types of media are appropriate for children and how they may use them.