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Reading Tips

How can I inspire my child to read?

  1. Encourage reading in your home Set an example by reading in front of your child for both pleasure and practicality.  You can even create a special space in your home where you can read together.

  2. Spend 30 minutes each day reading together
    When reading with your child, ask your child to describe what is going on in the scene or happening in the story.

  3. Sign your child up for a library card
    A library card is essential and free for your child to gain access to countless of books.

  4. Attend a library event
    Most libraries hold weekly or monthly events, such as story times, that you and your child can attend together.

  5. Become involved at their school
    Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher to help monitor his or her progress, and ask what you can do at home to support their reading.

  6. Applaud your child for reading
    Reward your child for reading a certain number of books or finishing a challenging book just as you would other activities such as basketball or piano.

  7. Give books as presents
    Give books as a gift, especially on topics your child will love, to encourage and support their interests.

  8. Help your child write their own stories
    Encourage your child to write stories based on his or her experiences or favorite characters from other books, movies or TV shows.

  9. Make flashcards to learn new words
    Help your child study new vocabulary words or create colorful bookmarks to mark his or her place.

  10. Take your child to the eye doctor
    Schedule an eye exam to ensure that any vision problems are promptly addressed.