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Internet Safety

Use these resources to help protect your child from harmful topics conveyed through electronic media.

Safety for Adolescents' Online Social Networking
Protecting teens that use the Internet to connect socially with other teens.

Cell Phone Safety Tips
Ways to ensure safe cell phone usage.

Parent Strategy for Internet Safety
In-depth review of strategies for ensuring your child's Internet use is safe.

Internet Safety Overview
Checklists of the benefits, risks and safety steps involved in Internet communications.

Internet Safety Checklist for Parents
Quick tips on how parents can protect children from harmful content in electronic media.


Resolutions & Position Statements

PTA Resolution on Internet and Wireless Communication
PTA Resolution encouraging promotion of ethical use of Internet and wireless communication.

PTA Position Statement on Mass Media
PTA Position Statement providing guidance on mass media issues.

Additional Resources

Tips for Parents
Tips for keeping your child safe while on the internet.