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Parenting Challenges

Getting kids to bed on time...building a child's self-esteem...helping your children learn social skills...these are just a few of the challenges parents face every day. As a premier resource for parenting information and advice, National PTA is committed to bringing you ways to overcome these challenges so you can ensure the best possible future for your child. Use these frequently updated resources from PTA and its partners to help children succeed in school and in life.


Parent Guides

Money Management for Kids
Parent resource for teaching kids the basic principles of money management.

Texting While Driving: Parents' Role in Prevention
Resources for parents to encourage safe driving and discourage texting while driving

Helping Children Cope With Death

Advice on helping children cope with the death of someone close to them.

Building Self-Esteem
Valuable tips for helping your child grow more confident and self-assured


Third Party Resources

Parenting Magazine: 6 Ways to Streamline Bedtime

Parenting Magazine: Inside Friendships & Cliques - 5 Facts About Kids' Social Lives


Additional Resources

National PTA President Betsy Landers to Appear on Lifetime Show
Will be featured on The Balancing Act morning show

Keynote Address from Jim Shelton
Comments from Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary, U.S. Department of Education, on issues facing parents and children today