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Health & Safety


The goal of PTA’s health and safety programming is to be a resource for PTA leaders in partnering with schools to create safe environments that encourage healthy, safe choices and social and emotional support for all students.

PTAs have a role in advocating for or supporting health and safety changes at every level of a child’s learning environment. When PTAs and schools work together to address the health and safety topics most relevant to their local school needs, they:

  • Foster family-school connections by focusing on issues that both schools and families care deeply about.
  • Deliver information to families in a way that builds trust with schools and fosters a welcoming environment.
  • Identify areas, equipment and behaviors within the school and home environments that could be healthier or safer for children.

National PTAs also gives families the tools they need to create an environment at home that supports the positive changes happening at school. Through established partnerships, leveraging of best practice resources, creating educational tools, and providing training, we are providing local PTAs with diverse, dynamic, up-to-date tools and resources to use in partnering with schools and engaging families in identifying and addressing barriers to providing healthy and safe learning and home environments.